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Oredson-Todd Woods & Siskiyou Mountain Park

Acreage: 300

A park for everyone

The Oredson-Todd Woods and adjoining Siskiyou Mountain Park are city-owned, dog-friendly parks on the south edge of Ashland. Both are designated as public, natural areas for hiking and biking (on selected trails). The forested canyon and beautiful waterfall along Clay Creek provide a wonderful natural area immediately outside town. These two parks contain seven miles of public trails which connect to a larger trail system on the slopes above Ashland, including the popular White Rabbit Trail.


In September 1983, Mountain Ranch Development Company, a partnership between developers Vincent Oredson and John D. Todd, donated 10 acres of land adjacent to their new subdivision to the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy. The Oredson-Todd Woods was designated to be a natural area for public use. Several years later, SOLC donated the Woods to the City of Ashland, where it was joined with other city-owned land to make up these two forested parks, comprised of 300 acres and used by hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts today. Both properties are permanently protected with conservation easements that specify similar restrictions as the ones outlined by Vincent Oredson and John Todd in 1983.



4th and 5th grade students enjoying the Woods during our annual Loving the Land outdoor education program.

SOLC Trustee, Karen Smith talks about hiking in the Oredson-Todd Woods as a kid and the joy of exploring, rediscovering, and enjoying such a magical place.

Waterfall on Hamilton Creek

Throughout the year 7th & 8th grade John Muir School students steward the Woods.

Dave Garcia leads a community hike.