Why our work matters

Land Conservation is an effective way to maintain natural, cultural, and economic value in a community. Land Trusts (and conservancies) have been saving and restoring our natural and working lands for three centuries, beginning in 1891 with the Trustees of the Reservations in Massachusetts. Since then, more than 50 million acres of extraordinary places across our beautiful country have been conserved and protected.


For The Benefit Of All

When land is conserved, we all benefit. Not just the plants and wild animals that rely on undisturbed and natural areas to thrive, but the people who use, make their living from, and are inspired by our magnificent lands. Here are just a few ways land conservation benefits our daily lives:

  • Helps to ensure clean water and air
  • Provides economic benefits through tourism, outdoor recreation, and local food & wine production
  • Provides vital habitat for pollinators, like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds
  • Connects us to the rich history and culture of the region

When we conserve land, we’re ensuring natural open areas that can inspire, renew, and provide solace for people of all walks of life. And most importantly, these lands provide great opportunities for children and adults to get outside, play, exercise, and learn from the natural world around us.



Banner image: Western Meadowlark. Frank Lospalluto photo.