Our people

Southern Oregon Land Conservancy is run by a talented and passionate staff and guided by a committed Board of Directors. With support from our Trustee Council, advisors, volunteers, and community partners, the values of integrity, openness, inclusivity, collaboration, respect and excellence permeate all aspects of the organization’s work.



The staff puts the Board’s vision and priorities into action. They interact closely with the community to design and implement a range of programs and initiatives, while seamlessly managing the day-to-day operations of an accredited non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

Southern Oregon Land Conservancy’s board is comprised of 11 individuals who set the strategic direction of the organization. Each member brings her or his knowledge and experience to guide planning, fundraising and outreach, organizational structure, finance, and so much more. They represent many of the diverse communities and constituents that make up our region.





Comprised of 12 community leaders, the Trustee Council provides sage advice and support to further Southern Oregon Land Conservancy’s mission. They are the movers and shakers in our communities who help broaden our support base through their vast and varied personal connections and professional networks.

The Council includes Karen DeBoer, Paul Hill, Paul Imperia, Dan O'Connor, Kara Olmo, Judson Parsons, Sarah Sameh, Karen Smith, Nancy Tait, Jeanne Taylor, Bill Thorndike, Jr., Sam Whitford.