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Eagle Mill Farm

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Acreage: 20

A Community Resource

You might admire the grape orchard as you drive north from Ashland to access the interstate. Or maybe you remember your children going there each fall to pick a free pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Perhaps you enjoy the view as you ride your bicycle past it on the Bear Creek Greenway. No matter how you know it, Eagle Mill Farm is an important part of our community.

In 2010, the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, working with the property owners,  permanently conserved the farm, which sits at the entryway to Ashland on the corner of Valley View and Eagle Mill Roads. The conservation agreement with the landowners restricts development on the existing farmland and the areas near Bear Creek. It also ensures that the rural feel of the farm will be there far into the future.  


The land has been continuously farmed for more than 150 years. The McNabb family operated a dairy there from 1940 to 1982, when it was purchased by the current owners. Eagle Mill Farm, LLC is dedicated to continuing the farming legacy. There is a large greenhouse, rows of berries, wine grapes, pumpkin patches, corn rows, a riparian zone along Bear Creek and a field cat. Over the years the owners have leased parcels of the farm to fellow farmers, hosted a community garden and firewood lot, held outdoor education programs for elementary school students, and has given away hundreds (maybe thousands) of pumpkins to the greater community.

This project could not have been completed without the incredible outpouring of support we received from community members like you. The project was also funded by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, the Bear Creek Watershed Council, the Friends of Jackson County, Cycle Oregon, and Polaris Surveying.


Eagle Mill Farm

A portion of the farm is dedicated to growing 7 varieties of grapes.

Stewardship Director, Kristi Mergenthaler, visits the farm with co-owner, Ron Roth, during our  annual monitoring visit.