Board interview with Secretary Jeff Beaupain

Jeff Beaupain is very active in the community. He serves on the SOLC board (board secretary) and the development committee. Key to his decision to work with SOLC is his personal vision of its impact. We took a minute to ask him, “Jeff what is your conservation vision?”

Why I am with SOLC is really simple. Back in my brokerage days someone once said to me, “If you want to win big, you gotta bet big.” It seems completely out of context for SOLC. However, I would much rather work with an organization like SOLC that has the potential for a much greater impact than multiple small organizations that might not be game changers. SOLC is a game changer. And we, my wife Barb and I, want to focus here.

Our introduction to SOLC was just as simple. There was an ad in the paper for a wildflower hike on Grizzly Peak which we had been on before. This hike was guided by SOLC’s Kristi Mergenthaler. She pointed out so many things we would normally just walk past or had never seen before. After the hike, I picked up some information that I read over the weekend. Then I called on Monday and said, “How can I help?” It was as simple as that!

When I describe my work with SOLC I first explain what conservation is. People seem to immediately assume we buy land, however we don’t do that very often as a general rule. We have 67 conservation properties of which only two are owned. We have a very well organized process for working with landowners, helping them learn more, and then working with them on a conservation easement agreement.

Another thing that is important to point out is that we are not political in any way. Many conservation organizations have this reputation. And we make it a great point to not be out there in that way but have an open process that is for everyone.

July 17, 2019

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