Protecting and enhancing precious land in the Rogue River region to benefit our human and natural communities since 1978.


Enjoy Public Access Natural Areas

Explore miles of well-kept trails close to town. Rich in history, wildlife and wildflowers, rest assured, these conserved natural areas will always be natural areas.

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Oredson-Todd Woods & Siskiyou Mtn. Park

Ashland, OR

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Jacksonville Woodlands

Jacksonville, OR

Significant Wildlife Habitat Conserved

Home to oak woodlands, evergreen forest, chaparral and meadows, Stan Dean and Katharine Bronwen's property is a haven for special status wildlife and plants. We welcomed their motivation to conserve their land with a new conservation agreement that added to the 2,035 acres already protected in our Colestin-Siskiyou Summit Focus Area.

Read more about this 160-acre project and the couple who made it happen ⟶

The Rogue River Preserve includes vernal pool meadows, oak woodlands, a riparian forest, and a 40-acre island. Photo by Jim Harper.

Rogue River Preserve: Conserved Forever!

In 2017, thanks to tremendous community support, we reached our goal to purchase and manage a magnificent 352-acre property along the Rogue River. We actively steward the property to maintain its rich natural and cultural heritage, serving as a model for land stewardship. Join us for a hike or stewardship day soon.

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Where We Work

Learn more about our conserved lands and the six primary focus areas in our strategic plan.


Southern Oregon Land Conservancy works cooperatively with landowners and communities to save our region's special places for today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

For People. For nature. Forever.


Banner image: East Fork Illinois Valley. Lee Webb photo.
Rotating gallery images: Bohemian Waxwing, Frank Lospalluto; Rogue River Preserve wildflower hike, Evan Barrientos; Rogue River Preserve family hike, Mike Potts.