Introducing the most ecologically and historically significant property we have ever conserved: the Rogue River Preserve. Located along the middle Rogue River, this expansive 352-acre property has remained remarkably untouched for hundreds of years and is teeming with wildlife. Today, thanks to the support of our local, state and federal partners and supporters, this wild and rare place will be conserved forever.

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There are many opportunities to stay involved with the Rogue River Preserve. Join us for a hike or our annual member picnic, volunteer your time, give a tour or just enjoy some of the many special events we have planned on site.

Together, let's ensure that this unique and historic piece of the Rogue Valley stays just the way it always has been—to benefit us all.

Rogue River Preserve island.

The Rogue River Preserve

Located along the banks of the Rogue River in Jackson County, Oregon, the historic property is an oasis of land and water. The property spans 2 miles of riverbank and contains diverse habitats, including oak savanna, vernal pools, meadows, oak-pine woodlands, and chaparral. It is also the second largest riparian gallery forest on the Rogue River upstream of Galice, where the Wild and Scenic section begins. No wonder elk, fox, deer, fish, and hundreds of plant species call this home! Its permanent protection will ensure that the extraordinary scenic, wildlife, recreational, and habitat values continue to be a community asset far into the future.

A historic land

Kept in the same family's ownership for nearly 75 years, the property was owned by the descendents of Robert Ruhl, longtime editor and publisher of the Medford Mail Tribune from 1911 through the 1950s. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren wanted to pass along their family's vision of conservation to benefit the people and the land. Under the ownership of the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, this historic land and all its wonder will be preserved for generations to come.

Elk. Pete Bedell photo.

Heart of the Rogue® Campaign BEATS TO SUCCESS!

The Heart of the Rogue campaign raised over $3,560,000 thanks to the leadership of State and Federal agencies, charitable foundations, and Oregonians across the state.

We actively manage the property to maintain its rich natural and cultural heritage, serving as a model for land stewardship. From time to time, we will conduct scientific research, provide educational opportunities for children, youth and adults, and host public and volunteer events.

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Featuring Patrick Duffy, Pepper Trail, Bill Thorndike, Karen Smith, George Kramer and former property owner, Maria MacArthur. See for yourself what the Rogue River Preserve is all about and why people came together to Conserve the Heart of the Rogue.


Banner image: Rogue River. Annette Trujillo photo.