Board interview with Harry Piper

Be it in Montana, Florida or Oregon, Harry and his family are avid outdoor enthusiasts. In particular, Harry has a deep love of fly fishing and the amazing life cycles of rivers and riparian areas. We caught up with Harry to ask him, “What makes you so passionate for southern Oregon and do you have advice about getting involved with SOLC?”

There is just something about rivers. I am especially attracted to riparian land and habitat and of course the wildlife. We need to keep our rivers clean and cold and full of water. Not only because they are beautiful and fun to hike along, and of course the fishing, but because there is just something about rivers. They make you wonder. You know the old Zen thing, you never step in the same river twice? You get to wondering, where does it all come from? It is amazing there is enough water to keep a river running for a whole year and it is able to resupply itself. Rivers are just incredible. And nature is very resilient if we give her a chance. But it needs our help and I remain optimistic.

When it came to joining the Conservancy I realized that it was, for me, an age thing. You get to a certain age and say to yourself that it is time to give back. I have been enjoying the outdoors for a large part of my life and now it is time to give back and make sure my grandchildren can enjoy the same things I have. I was overjoyed when I first heard of the Rogue River Preserve which in my opinion is the jewel of the Land Conservancy’s work so far. With 352 acres it was a real effort, but they did it and now it is there for schools and wildlife lovers to enjoy.

What attracts people to SOLC, I find, is that land that you can point to, walk on and enjoy has a lot of appeal to donors. You can ask people to come out and I can show them a place that we are trying to protect. And after we are done, people really feel good that they contributed to it and they know that it is going to be one more place that is reserved.

It is easy to become a member and help. Just make a small donation, it doesn’t have to be a big donation to become a member. There are all kinds of volunteer opportunities like planting trees, cleaning up places, or pulling noxious weeds at the Rogue River Preserve. There are a lot of things you can do to get outside, feel good about yourself, and meet some good people who are committed to the cause.

July 17, 2019

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