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Greenwood Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary

Acreage: 3,621

Protecting Animal Corridors

Though the Greenwood Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is distant from the Rogue Valley it is a great example of conservation partnership and the work of SOLC. This 3,621 acre easement protects a critical animal corridor and habitat in Southern Oregon with more than 411 species sighted in the area. From the soaring Abert Rim to Chewaucan marsh, this easement has three primary springs, several seeps, two creeks and numerous wetlands. Greenwood is a “mosaic” of habitats from its ridges, and slopes to plateaus, wetlands and savannahs. SOLC’s most eastern and largest conservation easement, Greenwood is home to 37 species listed as Sensitive by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.


The Greenwood Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary was partitioned off in 1999 from the Valley Falls Ranch which is still operated for cattle grazing and hay production. Lakeview Resident Don Bryd originally purchased the 2,271 acres and with SOLC placed the conservation easement on the property in 2006. In 2011 an adjoining 720 acres was purchased by the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust and another land acquisition in 2014 brought the preserve to the acreage it has today. Since then many improvements have been made including fencing springs to keep out cattle and participate in programs like the Sage Grouse Initiative and the Mule Deer Initiative.

Please note the Greenwood Preserve
is not open to the public.


Take a drive with Pat Acklin, retired geography professor, SOLC Lands Committee member and former Board member, to the Greenwood Preserve in Pat’s article Exploring the Wonders of the Greenwood Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary


View of Abert Lake and Rim from the Greenwood Preserve

Sage Grouse (USF&W photo)

Rock outcrops with a view of the basin and range.

Deer blind, evidence of Native American presence. (Photo by Pat Acklin)