Marble Mountain Cave Property For Sale

The owner of this exceptional property seeks a conservation buyer for purchase.  It’s 642 acres of timber land and a limestone quarry. However, it’s what lies beneath that makes the property so exceptional. The land lies on one of Oregon’s largest limestone deposits. Underground, a complex cave is associated with this limestone deposit.

Based on a 1995 survey, it has over a quarter-mile in total lineal feet of cave length. The entrance to the cave is blocked to prevent unwanted entry and was last opened in 2010, when the owner let a cave conservancy group in to survey, photograph, and explore the cave. The group discovered a family of spiders that was previously unknown and un-cataloged!

Of the 642 acres, about 40 acres has been historically used as a limestone quarry (unused since the 1960’s). The balance of the property is timberland, well stocked with young conifers approaching marketable size. The property features home site opportunities and panoramic views of the Wilderville and Grants Pass area. It is located near the Rogue and Applegate Rivers and contains a seasonal creek.

It is currently listed for sale at $1,495,000.

For more information about this exciting conservation opportunity, please contact Dave Cyphers of Ridgeline Real Estate at 541-821-2494.  There is more information available on their website.

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